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Gisele Bundchen In Shorts

Gisele Bundchen was in Brentwood, Louisiana when these pics were taken. Bundchen was out on a casual trip. She dressed down in casual shorts even as Star Magazine reported that Bundchen earned so much money that she was sending $10 million a year to her family in Brazil. Bundchen’s sister, Patricia, was worried that such news could place their family in jeopardy and expose them to dangers like kidnapping. Patricia denied that Bundchen was sending that amount of money to her family in Brazil.

Gisele Bundchen

Star Magazin Gisele Bundchen in Brazil Gisele Bundchen shooting Gisele Bundchen 4.jpg Gisele Bundchen 5.jpg Gisele Bundchen in shorts Gisele Bundchen 7.jpg Gisele Bundchen 8.jpg Gisele Bundchen 9.jpg Gisele Bundchen 10.jpg Gisele Bundchen 11.jpg


  • Nice legs!

  • Thanks for sharing this, she is still fit and great looking. Been a Gisele fan for years.


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