written by irene

Glittering Beauty Heidi Klum

Guess who gave such A VIEW during the 80th Academy Awards “Viewing Party” in West Hollywood? Why, it was “Project Runway” host Heidi Klum of course! The supermodel and Victoria’s Secret goddess made quite an appearance at the Oscars – pure eye candy! I’m pretty sure husband Seal was very proud to see that his wife still has the X-factor and still has the “media magnet” capacity. Heidi wore a silver outfit, by the way, and had the prettiest smile on her face. Click for more photos and tell me whatcha think :)

Heidi Klum

Academy Awards 2008 Project Runway Victoria's Secret Heidi Klum Posing Heidi Klum does X-factor Heidi Klum 6.jpg Heidi Klum 7.jpg Heidi Klum 8.jpg Heidi Klum 9.jpg

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