written by Nabanita

Go Gaga Over Lady GaGa

It’s not often that you find a songwriter gain so much popularity as a singer and that’s why Lady GaGa seems to be creating quite a ripple in the music industry. Despite her semi metal gothic looks, the lady knows what she’s crooning about. In fact when she and her band spent a little time on the red carpet prior to their gig at the VIP Room Theater in Paris, France on Wednesday night, it sure did get the press photographers attention. She sure does carry off the bold look with ease and one may argue that it’s difficult to take your eyes of her legs; her voice will give you a run for your money.

Lady GaGa

singe VIP Room Theater Lady GaGa in Parisgothic looks Lady GaGa on a red carpet


  • I think GaGa is hot on her own way, but why dressing like this? At least she knows how to sing, comparing to other celebrities.

  • HUGE thighs, put those things away.

  • Huge thighs? I’d rather have a girl with legs like that than a borderline anorexic like Paris Hilton.

  • wow they are very hot and sexy legs

  • is it me or Lady Gaga is ugly.. and has no sense for fashion?

  • no, she has really hot legs

  • outstanding set of legs! very sexy body

  • Lady Gaga has really amazing legs.

  • Lady Gaga is SMOKING hot !

    In fact, many of the ladies today could take lessons from her….PUT some Pantyhose or Nylons on !!!

    It makes your legs look STEAMING HOT !!!

    LGG has some really HOT stems and an incredible set of cheeks….put them in nylon and it will make EVERY man crazy !

  • I love these sheer pantyhose the most! Oh the things I dream of doing to them with her in them. Let’s face it… every woman looks better in pantyhose!

  • would love to spank lady gaga naughty sweet pantyhose ass!!!! those sheer hosed legggggs need some spunk!!