written by Wanda

Gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pics

There is nothing about Alessandra Ambrosio I don’t find absolutely stunning. The woman, in my opinion anyway, is a wok of art. Her body is incredible. Her face is perfect. Definitely one of my favorite models. I just flat out adore her. I love these particular photos for many reasons but the biggest reason has to be the fact that they’re candid shots. I love candid shots of this beautiful lady because they’re so natural. Her professional studio shots are always great as well but I prefer candid shots like these ones because they give me an idea of what Alessandra looks like without all the professional lighting, hair and makeup and retouching. Natural beauty doesn’t need all that stuff and Alessandra definitely proves that.


  • To all atheists-If God doesn’t exist, How do you explain this?

  • She’s way too skinny to be hot, an absolute disgrace to brazilian women

  • we like curvy ladies, she is skinny but she is a good looking women