written by Wanda

Gorgeous Amber Heard In Los Angeles

I love Amber Heard. I don’t get nearly enough opportunities to write about her. She’s the sort of girl I’ve always really had a soft spot for. Sure she’s gorgeous but she’s also a gutsy girl that isn’t afraid to do things her own way. I’ve been a fan for a long time and have always loved the fact that she tries to bring depth to roles where there isn’t always a lot of depth in the way the character was written. When she was 17, she quit school to travel to New York to be a model but headed out to Los Angeles instead to pursue acting because she felt it would be more fulfilling. Based on her career choices, I have to assume she’s found it is.


  • I think it takes a lot of courage to go out there on your own and follow your dreams. To do it at 17 is admirable.

    Erm, is it just me or has she dyed part of her dog’s hair pink?

    • If I’m not mistaken, it sort of looks to me like the pictures might be from a movie set or a photo shoot. There wasn’t much information with the pictures, but that’s my assumption. She looks professionally styled and if that’s the case, I doubt the dog coloring was up to her. Of course that could just be wishful thinking on my part. I like Amber a lot and hope she isn’t the type that would dye a dog.

  • You have a point: Maybe it is a shooting for a film or a photo shoot — either that or she’s just a really expressive person by the looks of some of the pictures.

    I guess as long as the dye is animal-friendly, it’s OK. I still don’t understand it when people do it though.

  • Not to mention you can see the thong lines when she bends over

  • Not to mention you can see her thong lines in the pic that shes bending over.

  • Erm, Anon/Nigpapa, and your point is??? Out of all of the pictures of this beautiful young lady, all you can comment on is that? Well, thanks for your contribution. I can see it making a much needed difference in the world.

  • I really like the shade of dress she has on and the quality. It’s like a peachy brownie color and it looks a bit shiny too. Nandz, I don’t think it’s just that little dog’s head that’s dyed – looks like its tail or leg is too.

  • Yeah, I see it, Hilda. I think it’s its leg that’s dyed. I think dyeing a dog’s hair is wrong, even if it’s animal-friendly dye. I see no need for it. It’s a human need, not a dog’s need. It has no impact on a dog’s life.