written by Wanda

Gorgeous Catherine Bell In Aviation Themed Photo Shoot

I am a huge Catherine Bell fan. I originally fell in love with her on “Jag” but fell in love with her all over again on “Army Wives”. What I like most about Catherine is the fact that she’s a different kind of beautiful. She has a sort of Maggie Gyllenhaal thing going on in that she’s sort of Old Hollywood beautiful. There’s a glamour and sophistication about her I find absolutely refreshing. I also love the fact that she’s not afraid to take risks and do something different. She appeals to me because she doesn’t have to show a ton of skin to be sexy and captivating. I’m quite sure I couldn’t love these pictures more than I do now. Amazing shots of an amazing girl.


  • Gorgeous.

  • She’s very beautiful and doesn’t seem of this time. Whoever picked the theme for those photos did a great job. The pictures bring out the unusual beauty in her. I also really like the tattoo she has on her arm.

  • Never heard of her, but what a beautiful woman. Totally with clothes on and totally still beautiful. A lesson for some female celebs out there – ahem. Plus she’s not on a bikini-clad holiday by the beach either! Refreshing to see!

  • sexy women


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