written by Wanda

Gorgeous Gisele Bundchen With Her Family In Costa Rica

Tom Brady doesn’t have a shiny new Super Bowl ring to show off but look at that beautiful family of his – his wife, Gisele Bundchen and they’re adorable son. It’s hard to imagine he’s having a hard time looking on the bright side of this one. Of course by now everyone knows Gisele got herself in a little trouble by badmouthing Tom’s team mates after the Super Bowl loss but I can’t get on her back about what she said. She had a point after all. “My husband can’t throw the ball and catch it at the same time.” She was just a loving wife speaking out in support of her husband and I think that’s fantastic. Here in Costa Rica, all the drama seems to be long behind them as they enjoy a little time on the beach with their son. I love everything about these pictures. They seem like such a happy family.


  • What? So somebody can’t say anything bad about Tom’s teammates? I see no difference between whatever Gisele said and what some of the team’s supporters might have been thinking or may have said. The team need to look at where their weaknesses were and work on that instead of distracting themselves with what Gisele said. Jumping on her comments isn’t going to win them the next game,

    • Exactly! It bothers me that people got so down on her about what she said. Perhaps it came across as disrespectful but I don’t think that was the intention. I think she was frustrated. More than that, I think it was rude to even ask her about Tom’s performance. It was mostly the teammates complaining if I recall correctly. I guess the truth hurts. Then again, I don’t understand or follow football so I’m not in the best position to make judgement calls.

  • If one of the sports commentators had said the same thing, bet they wouldn’t have said anything. But God forbid that Gisele should have an opinion, and that that opinion should deviate from licking their behinds. They should actually respect her for telling it like she saw it.

  • thx for sexy gisele bro

  • Sure she is pretty. But I would not say that she is drop dead gorgeous. I mean I could look at her for a while but I have seen prettier. The first photo cracks me up how he is grabbing her a%%. Very funny. But the outfit is not flying for me.