written by Wanda

Gorgeous Holly Madison Stretches Before Her Workout

Holly Madison is stunning. There really isn’t any arguing that. She’s got the sort of classic sort of look that I really enjoy. She’s like an old Hollywood pin up even in her workout clothes. There was a time when I was more into Kendra Wilkinson but Holly edged her out after Kendra’s appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”. While I’m starting to like Kendra again, I don’t think she’ll ever catch up to Holly in my eyes. I’m not sure that matters though. Kendra has a loyal fan base of her own. She doesn’t need me cheering her on. These pictures, taken in Las Vegas, really highlight why I love Holly so much. She seems like such a happy person. Sure she’s beautiful but that smile of hers? So beautiful. I love this woman.


  • I need to get out more. Who is Holly Madison and what does she do (apart from exercise!)? My first guess is that she’s an actress. Not sure why, but that’s my first instinct. I could be totally wrong, of course.

  • She is a former Playboy bunny who is best known for becoming one of Hugh Hefner’s live-in girlfriends on “The Girl Next Door.” She went on to have a show in Vegas called “Peepshow.”

  • Thanks for that, Hip Hop Anonymous.

    Being a Playboy bunny probably involves some level of pretense/acting! OK, I’m kinda trying to twist it in my favor to make myself right! I was wrong, wrong, wrong! Totally! She’s not an actress.