written by Wanda

Gorgeous Jennifer Morrison In A Bikini

The fall television season was an especially good one in 2011. A lot of great new shows premiered and one of my absolute favorites, “Once Upon a Time”, stars none other than the beautiful woman in these pictures, Jennifer Morrison. I would feel pretty confident saying Jennifer is one of my favorite actresses on television today. She’s sexy, talented and doesn’t seem obsessed with her looks. She’s fine with hitting the beach for a little relaxation with her hair a little messy and a makeup free face. I both respect and admire that. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that she’s just as stunningly beautiful without makeup as she is with it. She’s a natural beauty and a very talented actress. I hope to see big things in her future both on television and beyond.



  • Don’t you think Jennifer looks like Kirsten Dunst in that main picture? Maybe it’s just me though!

    To be honest, this is another actress I haven’t heard of — though I must admit, I’m better at faces than I am at names, so maybe I’ve seen her on TV somewhere and she’s harder to recognise her with her shades on.

    • I can definitely see the Kristen Dunst thing. Didn’t notice until you pointed it out. As for Jennifer, she’s on ABC’s One Upon a Time right now but a lot of people also know her from House. I can’t think of anything else I know her from right off the top of my head. I love her though. She’s a talented actress who also happens to be beautiful, but not in the typical Hollywood sort of way. There’s something unique about her I really like.

  • It was bugging me – two actresses in a row that I didn’t recognise. So I went on Wikipedia and yes, I’m happy to say I do recognise Jennifer! (not that it matters to her one lil bit :-) I remember her in House.

    Kristen Dunst has a similar thing about her: she’s beautiful, but not typically Hollywood looking (and thank God for that).