written by Wanda

Gorgeous Jennifer Nicole Lee Works Out In The Park

Not only is fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee (or JNL, if you prefer) an incredibly beautiful woman, she’s also an inspiration to anyone who’s ever wanted to take control of their life. For those who aren’t familiar with JNL’s back story, here’s a quick recap. After giving birth to her two children, Jennifer lost control of her weight, hitting nearly 200 lbs. She wasn’t happy with the way she looked and decided to make a change. She started working out and watching her weight, dropping 70 lbs and becoming the fitness guru she is today. I love this woman. I love what she’s done with her life and I hope she inspires women everywhere to take control of their lives and make changes for the better.


  • Why don’t girls at our local gym train in outfit like Jennifer does?

    I would die to be surrounded with hotties like her while pumping..

    Amazing site btw..congrats! ;)

  • Mark, why don’t guys at my local gym look like Brad Pitt? Or Matthew McConaughey? Do you look like either one of them? Do you train with next to nothing on, all sweaty and grunting with a Miami tan and shades to boot? :-)

    Jennifer’s certainly done well for herself. And no-one could have made that change but her. It was down to her and she pushed through. That’s the inspiration/lesson I take from it.

  • @Bethany

    You are right. I was just dreaming and this is how my dream world would look like :))

  • Mark, haha, it’s ok, I knew you were dreaming! So was I ;-)

    In my dream, Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey would be serenading me with copious amounts of tiramisu, and I wouldn’t even put on a single pound :-)

  • Wow, If I saw someone as hot as Jennifer working out at the park like that, I would’nt be able to talk or walk right away.