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Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Bikini Pics

Yeah, yeah – I don’t like Kim Kardashian. I say it every time I post about her but then wind up raving about how good she looks. Maybe I’m lying to myself and like her more than I’m willing to admit. It’s really the only thing that makes sense. These photos are a good example of why I’m starting to reevaluate my position on Kim. I love these pictures. I think Kim looks incredible and I love the setting of the photos. How much can I actually dislike the woman when I like photos of her so much? I guess it’s complicated. Hey, I’m a complicated woman. What can I say? All in all, these photos get two thumbs up from me. Great shots.

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian bikini pics

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian bikini pics Gorgeous Kim Kardashian bikini pics Gorgeous Kim Kardashian bikini pics Gorgeous Kim Kardashian bikini pics


  • stunning, great caps, she has a great body

  • Love her look-Love the chunk

  • I lie to myself as well and say that I can not stand her, but really she is hot to look at. So Wanda do not feel bad. I think that we all feel that way about someone. I know that if my girl friend found out that I thought she was hot she would be appauled.

  • The setting on these photos is wonderful. And Kim just adds to it. She is gorgeous. She has a great face and her booty is swell as well. I feel that many are too harsh on the Kardashian gals and I just do not see why they are.

  • love curvy women with meat on them much better than skinny girls

  • wish she was in my bed

  • she has the perfect body

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