written by Wanda

Gorgeous Lingerie Pics Of Jessica White

I’m not sure what she’s supposed to be dress up as but I don’t even care. Jessica White’s 1st Annual Lingerie Halloween Party in New York City definitely was a raging success if these photos of the host are any indication. She looks absolutely stunning. I love the lingerie with all the lace and such and I love the wings that give it the look a Halloween feel. This is a Halloween party I’d like to attend although I’m not sure I’d be down with dressing in lingerie. Still, I could go just to look around an enjoy – an impartial observer. I don’t do Halloween parties as a rule but yes, I’d definitely make an exception for this one.


  • Man does she ever look hot. How come I did not get invited to this Halloween party? I mean I would not have any lingerie to wear but I sure could critique the costumes that everyone else had on.

  • Damn why do you do this to us? Just to get us worked up? She looks hot and d the photos really suit her well. The lingerie is sexy and stunning on her and the color plays nicely on her skin tone.

  • Wow oh wow. She looks so good. AMAZING. I would have loved to seen that show. Imagine if she looked this good what everyone else looked like? Of course I doubt anyone could compare to her.