written by Wanda

Gorgeous Maria Menounos At Dancing With The Stars

Holy swear word! I could not possibly be more excited for this season of “Dancing with the Stars”. Why? Maria Menounos! Anyone that’s been following my posts for any amount of time knows I love this woman in a very big way for reasons beyond the fact that she’s absolutely gorgeous. I love her personality. She seems like a woman that knows how to have fun and enjoy whatever situation work puts her in and I like that. I think she’s going to be great on “Dancing with the Stars”. I’ve been quite underwhelmed with the last few seasons and wasn’t sure I was going to bother tuning in this time around. Here we see Maria arriving for DWTS rehearsal and judging by the bright smile on her face, she’s going into it with the right attitude. Love her – can’t wait to see how she does on the show. My only complaint? Wouldn’t preferred to see her partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Mark Ballas or Tristan MacManus.


  • We don’t get “Dancing with the Stars” over here. We have the equivalent “Come Dance with Me”. I like Maria and hope that she does well. I’ve never seen her dance, but well, I guess the proof will be in the pudding.

  • Sorry, what was I thinking? The show equivalent in the UK isn’t “Come Dance with Me”, but “Strictly Come Dancing”. Very similar to Dancing with the Stars. All celebrities strutting their stuff (or not as the case sadly is at times!)

  • You know it’s definitely not going to be boring with Maria around! Don’t matter whether she can dance or not, she’ll put 100% into being who she is and making the most of it, which is why I really like her.

  • Oh and Gordon, I think I can see where you could have possibly gotten mixed up. I think. There’s a UK show called “Come Dine With Me”. You don’t happen to watch that by any chance? I bet you do. Though I could be totally wrong. :-)

  • Mel, were you looking in my brain or something?! You’re partly right. I was trying to remember the name of the British equivalent of Dancing With The Stars, but couldn’t at the time. Then I thought that maybe it was Come Dance With Me. But then I went on Google and realised it was Strictly Come Dancing. Yes, I do watch Come Dine With Me and the titles got mixed up in my head!

  • I thought that was it! Ha ha! I spent some time in the UK and was absolutely hooked from the first time I watched Come Dine With Me. Couldn’t get enough it. Hilarious program. The narrator is so so funny too.

  • Come Dine With Me is one of my favourite programs! Love it! I do like Strictly Come Dancing too. Tess Daly is gorgeous and Bruce Forsyth is a legend. The judges crack me up, especially Bruno Tonioli! He’s so passionate and over-the-top when he gives his feedback.

  • thx for maria shots bro