written by Wanda

Gorgeous Minka Kelly At Spike Guy’s Choice Awards

Minka Kelly. What can you really say about a woman like Minka Kelly. She’s gorgeous and she knows she’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t seem to be all stuck up about it. I could be wrong about that. In all honesty, until these pictures came out, I kind of forgot she existed. Regardless, I definitely remember now. Look at the woman – just incredible. That body. That face. Here at the arrivals for Spike TV’s 5th Annual Guy’s Choice Awards 2011 in Los Angeles, California, Minka has chosen the absolute perfect dress to stand out. The color is perfect for her and it flatters her body beautifully. Am I the only one that notices she looks a bit (or a lot) like Alyssa Milano though? If given a choice, I’d probably take Alyssa, but only narrowly.

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