written by Wanda

Gorgeous Myleene Klass Has A Little Fun In The Water.

First of all, how much fun does it look like Myleene Klass is having here? I absolutely love seeing women just let loose and have a good time and Myleene is definitely doing that here. Rising to fame as a singer, pianist and model, Myleene knows a thing or two about working hard and dedicating yourself to something. She also clearly knows it’s important to take a little time out to enjoy life. While I love these photos because Myleene genuinely seems to be enjoying herself, I have to admit to also loving these pictures because she looks incredible in a bikini. Very beautiful, very talented woman. I’m thrilled to have the chance to write about her.


  • I have never heard of Myleene before. But she has to make a great model. She is stunning here in these photos. I think it looks like she is having a blast here and yes you are so right in stating you need to do that.

  • There is nothing hotter than a girl in a bikini who looks good. And that she does. I think that she is having a lot of fun as well and it is refreshing to see a huge smile on her face.

  • I love the photo of her smiling/laughing in the red suit. She looks so happy here. I think that she is a gorgeous lady who has a great body. Myleene is a stunning model for sure.

  • It is apparent that Myleene is a great model. While I have never heard her sing, if she sings as good as she looks then she would be amazing. She is an incredible looking woman there is not a doubt about that.

  • Myleeene is a person I have never heard of before. But she looks like she is a great model. I mean she obviously takes care of her body and she has a fantastic face. She is a pretty woman.

  • myleene is so fit