written by Wanda

Gorgeous New Pics Of Stunning Kate Beckinsale

Words will never be enough to express how very, very much I love Kate Beckinsale. Yes, she’s sexy. Yes, she’s talented. What really wins me over about her though is her confidence. More than that, her confidence never seems like arrogance. That can be a mighty fine line sometimes but while some of the other women in the entertainment industry cross the line on a regular basis, Kate always seems to stay on the right side of it. She’s a strong woman who is in control of her image and I respect that. Granted, she could be hell on wheels away from the cameras but from where I sit, she seems like a pretty great role model. Of course, the fact that she’s a smoking hot babe doesn’t make me like her any less. These photos are some of my favorites – absolutely stunning.


  • Kate Beckinsale is a hot chick. I love her in the movies and she could be a model as well. Hot, Hot, Hot. She has a flawless face and just has that come here look about her. Really draws me in.

  • One word – WOW!!! ♥♥

  • Kate Beckinsale is looking very beautiful in these images. She looked the same as in the movie Serendipity. I like that movie because of her.

  • Miss Beckinsale is a hot person. I think that she has always been gorgeous. I have seen most of her movies and she is an amazing actress. And very easy on the eyes if you know what I mean.

  • great pictures- stunning women, very nice eye candy,

  • Kate is so pretty, I think that she could make it just as a model. Her skin is flawless and she knows how to take care of her body. She is nice to look at and seems so classy.

  • very sexy

  • if i had a women who looked half as good as kate id be happy lol

  • she is superbly good looking