written by Wanda

Gorgeous New Rihanna Photo Shoot.

At this point, I feel it’s kind of pointless to state my love for Rihanna because, by now, most of our regular readers know all about it. I think this girl is spectacular. She always look amazing (even when I don’t love her fashion choices) and I like a lot of her music despite not being a big fan of her genre. These photos are great, as usual. I love the outfits. I love the hairstyles. I also love the relaxed, easy going vibe she always has when she’s in front of the camera. I love this lady’s smile. There’s something so genuine about it. Sometimes a smile can come across as forced but Rihanna’s never seems to. I can’t say enough good things about this girl or these pictures.


  • she looks great here, much better than the short red hair , she is so fit, looks well nice, I love her legs, id love to get on my knees and lick her feet too

  • She is very pretty I will give her credit for that. But that is about all she has going for her. She can not sing at all. I can not stand her music. She does not have much talent at all. Sorry if you like her but I don’t.

  • I agree , she is not that talented true but how many of these women are the only reason they are so hyped up is because of their looks and body, welcome,e to modern society where talent seems to based on your physical appearance it’s what sells.

    Why do you think Rihanna always parades around with hardly any clothes on?

  • she looks great here, she is very pretty but man her legs are superb,