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Gorgeous Photos Of Joss Stone

Soul and R&B singer-songwriter Joss Stone package her beautiful face and sexy physique wearing a brown-checkered dress that resulted into gorgeous photos of her. It is no wonder why she became the spokesperson for GAP and appears into numerous commercials and some movies as well. Joss has an angelic face, toned body and is leggy as well. Winning two BRIT awards and one Grammy award is a proof already that Joss is one of our top performers. Aside from the quality music that she produces, Joss Stone is also into acting and had stared in movies like Eragon and Snappers. Soon, she will also be appearing in Slightly Single in L.A., which is subject for release by 2010.

Joss Stone

Joss Stone Joss Stone Joss Stone
Joss Stone Joss Stone Joss Stone

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