written by Wanda

Gorgeous Sandra Bullock On The Tonight Show

Sandra Bullock is the kind of woman the new generation of Hollywood starlets should really be looking to for inspiration if they want long and successful careers. While Sandra’s really made her name in romantic comedies, let’s not forget the lady has an Academy Award for her brilliant performance in “The Blind Side”. More than that though, Sandy is the epitome of grace and class. She got through one of the most explosive cheating scandals in recent Hollywood history virtually unscathed. Why? Not just because her ex is a d-bag of the highest order but because she had the good sense to stay out of the spotlight and only address the scandal briefly and after an appropriate amount of time. She is also a woman completely capable at laughing at herself. I’ll admit, some of her career choices have baffled me. Anyone remember “All About Steve”. When the film was awarded multiple Razzies, the film industry’s highest dishonor, Sandra not only showed up to accept her award for “Worst Actress”, she showed up with a wheelbarrow full of “Steve” DVDs. It’s that kind of thing that shows this isn’t a girl that takes herself too seriously, despite being a huge name in Hollywood. I missed her appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in Burbank but I’m going to go ahead and assume Sandy was as funny and charming as she was beautiful. This lady was my very first girl crush. Perhaps it shows a little.


  • I love Sandra Bullock! She’s smart, funny, classy, charming, and sexy when she wants to be, but doesn’t wave it about like it’s her only ticket. How she ended up with Jesse James is beyond me, but thank God she saw sense. She deserves much better and can do much better.

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