written by Wanda

Gorgeous Tamara Ecclestone Lingerie Pictures.

Tamara Ecclestone is a babe. She really is. Her body is incredible but her face is just as beautiful. That isn’t always the case with models. I believe some tactless individuals refer to them as butterfaces. I don’t like the term myself but I will admit, with great shame, to thinking it a few times in reference to a few models who shall remain nameless. Tamara is not one of those models. This woman is just stunning and she really knows how to turn it on for the camera. She just seems to have a natural ease about her. Even when she’s posing, the poses don’t look entirely stiff and forced. I love this woman. It’s always great to see new photos of her, especially when she’s clad in lingerie.

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  • She looks smoking here. I believe that she is a beautiful gal. I would love to see more of her and more photos like this. Her face has that come hither look that I find sexy! I want more.