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Gossiping On Blake Lively

This set of photos show Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girls. Gossiping on Blake, we know that on Wednesday night, Blake joined Penn Badgley’s mother and grandmother, Lynne Badgley and Jan Sneed, in the launch of their jewelry line. Their fashion line was called Badgley/ Sneed Designs. The fashion brand has been entered into a competition for emerging fashion talent. If it wins, it will get free publicity and that will certainly help the new company.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively filming green dress Gossip Girls ass heels Blake Lively 6.jpg closeup ass Blake Lively 8.jpg Gossip Girls set Sneed Designs bag


  • Nice and tight :)

  • I never knew what a nice ass Blake had before.

  • MMM…bend her over and fuck her till she bleeds

  • Horny, you’re disgusting. Really. You need help.

    Blake Lively looks really nice in those pictures; very simple, casual, comfortable. I actually prefer her in the flip flops than the heels. Not that she doesn’t look as good in the heels. She looks more relaxed in the flip flops.


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