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Greatest HQ Shots From Behind, Ass And Legs Mostly

Ass and Leggy lovers here is a post for you guys. Somehow I’ve collected leggy pictures of famous Celebrities of this world. Could you just do me a favour and name your favorite Celebrity.

HQ Legs.jpg

Alessandro Ambrosio Legs.jpg
Alessandro Ambrosio Alyson Michalka Legs.jpg
Alyson Michalka Amanda Bynes Legs.jpg
Amanda Bynes Amerie Legs.jpg
Amerie Brooke Hogan Legs.jpg
Brooke Hogan Carmen Electra Legs.jpg
Carmen Electra Christine Lakin Legs.jpg
Christine Lakin Courtney Love Legs.jpg
Courtney Love Ellen Barkin Legs.jpg
Ellen Barkin Fergie Legs.jpg
Fergie Gisele Bundchen Legs.jpg
Gisele Bundchen Gwen Stefani Legs.jpg
Gwen Stefani Jennifer Aniston Legs.jpg
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Garner Legs.jpg
Jennifer Garner Jessica Simpson Legs.jpg
Jessica Simpson Jordan Legs.jpg
Katie Price aka Jordan Maria Bello Legs.jpg
Maria Bello Maria Menounos Legs.jpg
Maria Menounos Mariah Carey Legs.jpg
Mariah Carey Marisa Tomei Legs.jpg
Marisa Tomei Megan Fox Legs.jpg
Megan Fox Mischa Barton Legs.jpg
Mischa Barton Nadine Coyl Legs.jpg
Nadine Coyl Naomi Campbell Legs.jpg
Naomi Campbell Natasha Henstridge Legs.jpg
Natasha Henstridge Nicole Kidman Legs.jpg
Nicole Kidman Nicole Scherzinger Legs.jpg
Nicole Scherzinger Rebecca Romijn Legs.jpg
Rebecca Romijn Renee Zellweger Legs.jpg
Renee Zellweger Sara Paxton Legs.jpg
Sara Paxton Sienna Miller Legs.jpg
Sienna Miller Stacy Keibler Legs.jpg
Stacy Keibler Tori Amos Legs.jpg
Tori Amos Tricia Helfe Legs.jpg
Tricia Helfe Victoria Beckham Legs.jpg
Victoria Beckham


  • Damn… this is hard choice… but.. my pick is Stacy Keibler

  • My choice is Fergie. She always had a fit body.

  • Brooke Hogan is pretty good also.

  • Even Sara Paxton ain’t that bad here

  • Stacy Keibler’s legs are the best.

  • Another vote for Brooke Hogan.

  • Like the piccie of Mariah, VERY Cheeky LOL!

  • Great Stacy Keibler legs!

  • Alyson Michalka gets my vote. She’s now 18, and legal. I’d love to have her long legs wrapped around me as I pleasure her.

  • miriah carey has the sexiest legs in the world

  • my vote goes to Mariah Carey i just want to jump in that pick and fuck her in the butt

  • megannnn!

  • Mariah Carey is my pick of the picks :-)

  • i wish iwas a robot so she could ride me! mm-hmmmmmm! xx

  • amerie for me she has great muscle tone

  • Win is Mariah. Place is Stacy. Show is Brooke. If you like boys then it’s Beckham.

  • in my opinion best legs has Stacy Keibler

  • Jessica Simpson is the best by FAR!!!!

  • ass shots are the best

  • All those bitches want my *** in their ass. I could make them scream with my ***. Carmen electra, Stacey kiebler, and Victoria beckham are the hottest little cunts. I would fuck them extra hard, and finger them while I ass fuck them so they can cum. 8============D <—my ***

  • Where the heck is jessica biel’s ass!

  • Mariah’s butt is PHAT! I’d slap it!!

  • no one holds a candle to stacy keibler, she’s so hot

  • Stacy keibler is the best!

  • Renee zellwegger has the best bubble ass on here, hard to tell from that pic but take it from me, she has a great ass. And wHy the f isn’t Rachel Mcadams on this site? Hottest ass in hollywood..

  • I agree on Jessica Beil, and Jessica Alba too, and if we can go back a bit, where’s Alissa Milano? Rachel is still #1

  • maisa tomei jus dam sum things jus need to be coverd up but hey you go gurllll

  • hey ladies i am woman kandy

  • happy thanksgiving united states of america we love ya !!!!!!

  • December 9 ,2011 15:03 Jessica Simpson is the winner

  • Mariah is no.1

  • best page yet, i love mariah

  • ellen berkin could be my grandmother and Id still bang her hard

  • amanda i think but the hole package is stacy…god this blondy is hot

  • lets be honest id bang all of them some classy women here, the shot of Mariah Carey is awesome wow what I’d give to give her some good anal, huge ass on her and Brooke Hogan too. Nicole scherzinger yummy yummy and of course stacy kieblers legs remember when I used to watch wwe always jerking off over her sexy legs

  • best one is easily Mariah Carey wooooooooow, wtf was she doing on that pic, in most her videos tho she is semi nude she loves the attention and what I would give to have Mariah in that position, I love fleshy chicks like her. I agree on Brooke Hogan too, she is not everyone’s cup of tea but theirs something about her great ass and legs, id love to pound her for some reason

  • mariah carey is such a *** Nicole is best

  • brooke hogan yummy, nicole sherzinger is so sexy but mariah carey is the best what a great bare ass sht id love to tear her ass up

  • mariah carey by far

  • brooke hogan is fit, but mariah wins easy

  • jess simpson and stacey kiebler fuck yeah

  • jess simpson and mariah carey ass hot as fuck, kiebler legs