written by Wanda

Gwen Stefani Kills Me Inside In The Best Possible Way.

Gwen Stefani has long been one of my personal style idols. She always looks exceptionally fantastic and these photos from Miami are no exception. It blows my mind that she doesn’t seem to have aged one bit since the first time I saw Ni Doubt’s “Just a Girl” video. I also love the fact that she has her own unique style. She doesn’t dress like everyone else but her personal style remains constant. She’s always been the platinum blond with the bold red lips and pale, milky skin. Trends come and go but she doesn’t pay them any mind. She sticks with what’s comfortable for her and it always looks spectacular. I couldn’t love this woman more if I tried.



  • Gwen is totally hot. I just love her to death. She is so pretty and the unique style is a turn on to many. I think it is great that she loves her family so much as well. I would love to age like her.

  • Gwen is totally fine. A hot babe if you will. I have loved her since she first came out with No Doubt and have been a fan of everything that she has done. Now if only she would leave Gavin and come find me, lol.

  • Gwen Steffani is a hot rocker chick. I love her no matter what she does. The unique style is a major turnon for me as most gals just feel too self conscious to wear what she does. But Gwen looks amazing no matter what.

  • Gwen has been a favorite of mine for many many years. She is gorgeous and has her own style that is for sure. I could never pull off the red lipstick like she does but she can:) Love her to pieces.

  • If I had to pick any celeb to be, it would have to be Gwen. She is amazing. She has all in life. A great body and face, a kick ass career, a wonderfully hot husband, cute kids. Yes she has it all. I just love her to death.