written by Wanda

Gwyneth Paltrow Has The Body Of A Skinny Boy

I used to hate Gwyneth Paltrow with the fiery passion I usually reserve for self loathing but I felt the stuck up Brit-wannabe had it coming. I mean, GOOP? Have you ever been to that pretentious ‘lifestyle’ website that is basically Gwyn trying to show everyone how ‘normal’ she is when instead she just comes off as a clueless, rich c-word completely out of touch with what ‘normal’ actually is. Right. Anyway, despite that little mini rant, I’ve actually come to like her again. She seems capable of making fun of herself and I loved her appearance on Glee. That said, the woman needs to eat something. She has no breasts whatsoever. Saying she’s flat as a board would be insulting to boards. Somehow. I mean, here in Barbados, she looks a little scary skinny. Whatever, though. She’s still hot and I’m sure she couldn’t care less what I think. I know if I were here, I wouldn’t.


  • Saucer of milk for table 5,121,688!
    Nah, go ahead and rant. It’s just how you roll.

    • I do rant a lot. I’m have anger issues.

  • Hey – why not? We love rants here. And we hate Brit wannabes.