written by irene

Halle Berry One Pretty Preggy

The “Catwoman” will soon have her own kittens! Yipes… that didn’t sound right Kidding aside, Halle Berry, that award-winning actress that I and (I’m sure) a lot more others truly adore and respect, is ready to pop in these pictures. She’s expecting her first child with her boyfriend-hunk who happens to be a Calvin Klein model as well. Some girls have all the luck!

Pregnant Halle Berry

Halle Berry having a baby Calvin Klein model Halle Berry is Pragnant Halle Berry 4.jpg Halle Berry 5.jpg Halle Berry 6.jpg Halle Berry 7.jpg Halle Berry 8.jpg Halle Berry 9.jpg Halle Berry 10.jpg


  • When she has date?

  • she is lovely. I‘m curious.She wrote blog on a celeb dating site recently named mixedfriends. It attacted many fans. Is she feeling lonely?