written by Wanda

Halle Berry Shows Off Her Sexy Body In Malibu

Halle Berry is one of the sexiest women in the world. Her body is absolutely amazing and she doesn’t seem the least bit reluctant to show it off. Who can blame her? She clearly works hard to stay in shape. Why not share the results of that hard work with all of us. I have had a serious girl crush on Halle for years and these pictures of her taken in Malibu really illustrate why. It isn’t just the fact that she’s gorgeous. She also seems like a woman that knows how to relax, knows how to have fun and isn’t all caught up in her own hype. That’s definitely appealing.


  • Halle looks gorgeous. Always has. With or without makeup. In a two-piece bathing suit, in a simple t-shirt and jeans or in a gown for the red carpet.

    And she looks like an amazing mum to her little one too.

  • I think that Halle Berry is just gorgeous. She has a great body. You can tell that she does work out and is proud of her body. She looks very fit and strong and hard. I like it a lot. Very attractive.

  • great body on a classy women, she is so gorgeous