written by Wanda

Halle Berry Shows Some Skin On The Tonight Show

Ah, Halle Berry. One of my absolute favorites. Everything about this woman thrills me. I love her body. I love her face. I love her hair. I love her personality. I would say Halle Berry is about as close to perfect as a person can get – male or female. I honestly believe Halle is not just one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation but also one of the most talented. “Monster’s Ball” remains to this day one of my all time favorite films. In these photos from “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in Burbank, Halle is pulling off an outfit I’m not sure many other women could pull off. On someone else, it might look trashy but Halle manages to avoid making it look that way. She’s just absolutely beautiful. I don’t think I could love her more than I do.



  • gorgeous mature women, immense body look at those sexy legs, love her

  • ultimate fantasy women,such a fox

  • she is so pretty and those legs, what a really sexy lady