written by Ann

Hayden Panettiere In Her New Movie

Hayden Panettiere was working hard on the set of “I Love You, Beth Cooper.” The director had her dressed casually in a tight fitting tank top and sawn off shorts. She looked cute and sexy. Even without much makeup, she looked pretty. She did a lot of running and workouts so her lower body has increased in mass. Look at her hips and butt. They’re nice and fuel for dreams.

Hayden Panettiere

I Love You, Beth Cooper Hayden Panettiere in shorts sexy Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere is cute Hero filming I Love You, Beth Cooper not much makeup Hayden Panettiere 7.jpg Hayden Panettiere 8.jpg Hayden Panettiere 9.jpg Hayden Panettiere 10.jpg


  • Does anyone know what happened to Heroes? I miss her!

  • Next episode of Heroes is coming on September 15. Hayden Panettiere probably spent too much time on promoting Fireflies in the Garden.

  • I am sorry to hear this. There is no Lost, Prison Break, and no Heroes. What to watch now?

  • What’s with her legs? Previous pics show all sorts of chunkiness on her legs, now they’re all smooth? Very nice. Looks like she’s wearing pantyhose or something. You can see it under her shorts in the back. Craziness.