written by Ann

Hayden Panettiere In Stripes

Hayden Panettiere ran an errand to pick up some cupcakes from the local bakery. She looked trendy in her black and white striped tube and matching stretchable pants. Panettiere had shot some photos for promoting voter participation in the 2008 Presidential Election. Panettiere wore a mock face mask with pinned up lips. Another young actress, Jessica Alba, also did a controversial pose with black masking tape. That ad received plenty of consumer feedback when people started buying the same kind of duct tape for their own pleasures.

Hayden Panettiere

trendy Hayden Panettiere Presidential Election Hayden Panettiere getting cupcakes Hayden Panettiere 4.jpg Hayden Panettiere 5.jpg pinned up lips Hayden Panettiere stretchable pants

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