written by Wanda

Hayden Panettiere Looks Lovely Here But I’m Still Sad

Why is it that the vast majority of television watchers always seem to choose to watch the worst shows out there while really solid shows like Nashville struggle to draw people in? I just don’t get it. Nashville has everything a show should need to draw people in. It has drama, romance, comedy and of course, it also has hot people. It has a lot of hot people including the lovely young lady in these photos, Miss. Hayden Panettiere. This lady is gorgeous. She’s so talented and she seems so down to earth. I don’t think it would be possible for me to love her more. Sadly, it doesn’t look like her show is going to be around for a third season and that makes me ragey. Come on people – watch Nashville. For me. This show needs a third season!


  • she is very easy on the eyes, really hot, nice ass on her, like the outfit

  • love feet shots and nice ass caps, she has a big booty on her, sexy girl, she is very nice indeed

  • great ass