written by Ann

Hayden Panettiere’s Sexy Legs

Hayden Panettiere gave us a sneak peek into her private life and long, sexy legs. These pictures were labeled as private so they must have been taken naturally. Who wears stilettos at home and on the sofa? On a lighter note, Panettiere has been busy shooting the love scenes of “I Love Beth Cooper.” She played the lead actress, Beth Cooper and she got to kiss the actor, Paul Rust. Panettiere is having a good time kissing handsome guys and getting paid for it!

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere private photos Hayden Panettiere sexy legs


  • Hayden is currently the best looking girl in Heroes! Would love to see more of this sweet.

  • beside kristen bell

  • The fact that Hayden is so cool, funny and talented gives her extra points on the hot meter.

  • More like omg that guy is so lucky to kiss her and be paid.

  • She looks great in the first picture those legs mmmmm sweet now she needs to spread them alittle more

  • she does have great legs but comes no where close to kristen bell she is in a league of her own