written by Wanda

Hayden Panettiere Stuns At The ESPY Awards

There are a few things I love about these photos of Hayden Panettiere at the 2012 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. First, I love everything about Hayden’s look. It’s simple, glamorous and flattering in every possible way. Her hair is flawless. Her dress is gorgeous. Her makeup is understated but beautiful. Second, I love any excuse to see Hayden with Connie Britton because their show “Nashville” is going to be awesome. Third. Matt Kemp. Fourth? Well, I guess that’s actually pretty much it. Hayden has been confusing for me as of late. Sometimes she looks like she’s trying too hard to be older than she is. That isn’t the case here and I definitely appreciate that.

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  • she is very nice