written by Ann

Hayden Panettiere’s Bum Shots

Hayden Panettiere spent some time at the salon to get a body message, manicure and pedicure. She made good use if her time by killing two birds with one stone. Meaning she read her book to nourish her mind while her body was getting pampered. Hayden looked kind of puzzled at the camera. She was probably asking why anyone would want to take her picture inside a salon. She would chuckle if she knew how her bum shots were being hawked all over the internet.

Haydent Panettiere

body message Haydent Panettiere 2.jpg Haydent Panettiere 3.jpg Haydent Panettiere in salon right pants Haydent Panettiere 6.jpg Haydent Panettiere 7.jpg Haydent Panettiere 8.jpg Haydent Panettiere 9.jpg Haydent Panettiere 10.jpg Haydent Panettiere ass bum shots


  • what a great ass she has!… too bad there is car behind :D

  • just great as she is


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