written by Christine

Haylie Duff On The Town

If you didn’t know better, you would think that this was America’s sweetheart Hilary Duff on a night out, but think again. Here is America’s second sweetheart, Hilary’s little sister Haylie. My my, those two could pass for twins if you didn’t look twice. Haylie is here heading out of the Katsuya Restaurant. Normally I would say sheer dresses and fishnet stockings are on the trampy side of things, but Haylie is pulling this look off effortlessly. Oh, if only we all could be this beautiful.

fishnet stockings

Haylie Duff Haylie Duff 2.jpg Haylie Duff 3.jpg Haylie Duff 4.jpg Haylie Duff 5.jpg


  • Haylie is the older sister, genius.

  • she is well fit

  • some nice ass legs on her