written by Wanda

Heather Graham Is One Of My Favorite Actresses

I have been in love with Heather Graham for longer than I can even remember. There’s just something about her that I can’t get enough of. I just don’t exactly know what that ‘something’ is. Perhaps it’s the fact that Heather has always seemed to do things her own way. She hasn’t always gone for the roles that offer the biggest paycheck. She’s the kind of actress that takes the roles she wants to take. She does the things she wants to do. I think that’s admirable. There must be some temptation to just give in and be the person people want her to be but Heather doesn’t seem willing to give in to that temptation. In these photos, snapped in LA, Heather is looking fabulous. Her hair looks great. The dress is great. Overall, she just looks great. I don’t think I could like these photos more than I already do.

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