written by irene

Heather Graham Lost In A Fashion Show

Can you already consider “Cake” and “The Guru” actress Heather Graham a washed up actress or does she still have what it takes to make it really, really big in Hollywood? Can’t help but ask this when I saw these pictures of Heather as she left the G Star fashion show recently. What is up with that outfit? Her boobs can be seen but she has this huge coat on and she has boots but you can see the upper part of her legs. Does she wanna be a sexy or does she wanna cover up? I don’t get the drift with Heather’s ensemble, truth be told. However, girlfriend still looks pretty, despite the small lines around her eyes. Uh oh.

Heather Graham

Heather Graham outfit Cake and The Guru Heather Graham in Hollywood C-thru dress Heather Graham 8.jpg Heather Graham 9.jpg

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