written by Wanda

Heather Locklear Is Far From Past It

The other day, someone told me Heather Locklear “used to be hot”. I was perplexed and asked for elaboration. The guy said that she had been hot “back in the day” but insisted she is now “past it”. I could not disagree more. Yes, Heather is a bit out there and she’s had her fair share of problems but when it comes to looks, Heather Locklear is still smoking hot, at least in my eyes. In these shots, snapped ┬áin Hawaii, Heather is showing off what I believe is an incredible bikini body and she looks happy to be doing it. I think that’s my favorite thing about Heather. She’s always exuded confidence. I don’t know if that’s an act or not but either way, I think she looks fantastic.

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