written by Wanda

Heather Locklear Is Still A Mega Babe.

I know a lot of people like to hate on Heather but I’m not one of those people. I think Heather is a beautiful woman. I think she’s a talented woman. I think she’s a woman that, well, hasn’t made the best life choices in the past but I’m not going to hold that against her. I think we all make a mistake or two here and there. In these photos from Malibu, Heather is looking gorgeous and youthful but what really stands out about these photos to me is how happy she looks, not to mention how healthy she looks. I’ve heard people comment on photos like these ones and say Heather dresses too young for her age. I personally think she looks fine. I think the look is fun and flirty – just as I imagine Heather is.


  • I do not have a problem with how she dresses. To me she looks fine. However I do not much care for her hair in pig tails. She looks too childish to me in these photos, but she does look happy and that is all that matters.

  • Heather has a smoking body I will give her that. But she does need to dress a bit more her age. I have no problem with wanting to be in style at an older age, but that is a teenybopper outfit. Get something that looks great on you that someone your age would wear.

  • Heather is a babe no matter what she wears. I am a female and I will admit that. She stands the test of time. She does not look as old as she is so she can afford to wear outfits like that and still look amazing.