written by Wanda

Heidi Klum Attends The Photocall For Germany’s Next Top Model

I have never watched any of the Next Top Model shows because that’s just not my kind of deal but as long as Heidi Klum keeps showing up for promotional events, I’ll keep checking out the photos. In this particular set of promotional photos, we see Klum attending the Germany’s Next Top Model¬†photocall in Berlin and babe is looking stunning, as usual. I’m not sure I’m loving the first photo (or the dress she’s wearing) but she still looks great. I think that speaks to the true beauty of Heidi Klum. Even when she looks like she’s trying to make herself throw up, she still looks hot. That might have somthing to do with the finger in the mouth and the things that makes one think of but let’s just say she looks hot and leave it at that.

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  • heidi is such a hottie, delicious women the other girls with her are very nice too