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Heidi Klum Chose Jennifer As Next Topmodel

Heidi Klum helped to pick Jennifer as Germany’s Next Topmodel 2008. Her first official appearance would be at a fashion week event as one of IMG’s models during July’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Jennifer had gone through the 15 weeks of the reality show and during this time, she had grown taller by 1 centimeter. Jennifer had the makings of a supermodel since she has even longer legs than Nadia Auermann, the tallest supermodel in this present age.

Heidi Klum

Next Topmodel Jennifer supermodel Heidi Klum 4.jpg


  • The two of them standing there must have a grand total of a billion antioxidants and more than a few gallons of skin cream. I’m betting that Heidi drinks more Purple, though. They both look fabrulous!

  • Aren’t we getting overloaded with all those “Next” competitions?

  • Heidi looks awsome the winner is not bad also

  • wowtastic!


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