written by Wanda

Heidi Klum Dazzles At Cannes

Remember all that drama about Heidi Klum and Seal splitting up a few months back? Me too. Did you care a whole lot? I know I didn’t. I like Seal’s music. I like Heidi Klum. I liked them as a couple (especially their Halloween costumes) but their breakup didn’t really have any impact on how I felt about either of them. None of that really matters anymore. In the world of Hollywood gossip, all of that is ancient history. What isn’t ancient history is the Cannes Film Festival, which leads us to these photos. Heidi looks absolutely stunning in these shots. I’ve always loved this woman’s class on the red carpet, even when she’s wearing racy numbers. What an incredible beauty. I love this lady and couldn’t give less of a flying Fig Newton about who she is or isn’t dating.


  • How come you never see any black or Asian chicks on this site? Nothing but white, white, white. Feh. This is 2013, not 1913, man.

    • We post the pictures we’re able to find. Most of them are paparazzi shots, behind the scenes shots from photo shoots and things of that nature. If you feel there aren’t enough black or asian women, that might be a complaint better addressed to the photographers. You may have a point about Asian woman but we do post about many beautiful black women on a fairly regular basis. Maybe not as often as white women but even so, there are black women. There have been black woman: Rihanna, Serena Williams, Halle Berry, Beyonce and Ciara are just a few beautiful women that come to mind I post about on a fairly regular basis. Maybe not quite as much with Ciara but still. I just posted a set of Montana Fishburne pics on May 24 and have posted several sets of Rihanna pics over the last week or two. Scroll back through the past posts and you’ll see what I mean. There are also a lot of beautiful Latina woman posted on a regular basis. All the same, we appreciate the feedback. I’ll be sure to pass your comment along to my boss and maybe she’ll try to focus on finding more women from varied ethnic backgrounds.

  • @Wanda

    he/she has a point, a good 90% of pics on the website are of women of the same ethnicity. where’s the diversity here? I’ve yet to see one asian or south american female posted on here recently

    • I agree, Nick. Unfortunately, I don’t choose the photos that are posted though. I just write the posts about the photos I’ve given. I’m not entirely sure how the photo gathering process works as I don’t have a hand in that step but I know we don’t directly employ the photographers that take the pictures so we can only really post what’s available and what’s available is only what the photographers take. I will definitely pass the feedback along to my bosses though. Maybe they can request more ethnically diverse photos or can find more ethnically diverse photos. I’d like to see more women from other ethnicities as well but my control is somewhat limited. I’ll see what I can do though. We want you guys to get what you’re looking for when you come here.

  • ok, thanks for understanding. just do what yall can

  • gorgeous, great leg shots, id bang her senseless

  • she is good looking alright