written by Wanda

Heidi Klum Shows A Lot Of Skin At Elton John’s Oscar Party

My heavens, Heidi Klum is a good looking ladt, isn’t she? Just look at the body of hers. Absolutely incredible. Sure she’s showing at lot of skin at Elton John’s AIDS Oscar Party in West Hollywood but she somehow avoids looking trashy or desperate for attention. She’s just the kind of woman that can pull off that look and that isn’t always easy. I’m not sure I’m loving how she’s styled her hair here but it’s really just a minor complaint about an otherwise exceptional look. I love this woman. It’s good to see her looking happy and smiling. It’s been a rough stretch of time for her but you’d never know it from looking at her. Beautiful lady full of class and sophistication. This is how it’s done.


  • id love to have a women like this in my bed, so sexy

  • look at those boobs, hot damn

  • great rack, milf