written by Wanda

Heidi Klum Still Has A Fine Bikini Body

A lot of things bother me about the way the world is today. I’d list them off but I’d be here all day. Sometimes I look around and think we’re all doomed. The internet pretty much confirms that for me on a near daily basis. Some people out there are just terrible. I mention all of this because I recently read some comments about Heidi Klum wearing a bikini – comments that were not very nice at all. I don’t understand the thought process there. Heidi is getting older, yes, but her body is still incredible. I look at these photos of Heidi wearing a bikini in the Bahamas and I can say for certain she still looks a whole lot hotter than most of the people I see in bikinis when I go to the beach. In my opinion, that counts for a lot. I think Heidi is fantastic I think these photos are fantastic.


  • she is in great shape, lovely women

  • is getting old no more beach the sun is bad for her