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Heidi Klum Still Rocks It

Here is Heidi Klum rocking the house at a benefit gala at the UN in New York. Heidi as you know is a former Victoria’s Secret Angel and is now the superstar of Bravo’s reality hit series Project Runway. You would never guess this girl was a ripe 34, now would you. She is dressed here in a dress that would wear as a lovely blouse for most women. This attire gives the LBD (Little Black Dress) an all new concept. But Heidi is rocking her body with all of the confidence one would need for this look. And she’s doing a VERY good job at it. It’s not just confidence though of course, her superstar good looks and mega-watt smile don’t hurt either. *Sigh* If only we all were blessed with such genetics.

Heidi Klum

Victoria's Secret Angel Heidi Klum 2.jpg Heidi Klum 3.jpg Heidi Klum 4.jpg Heidi Klum 5.jpg Heidi Klum 6.jpg Heidi Klum 7.jpg Heidi Klum 8.jpg Heidi Klum 9.jpg Heidi Klum 10.jpg

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  • she has got really nice legs and is very nice looking, heidi is lovely


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