written by Wanda

Heidi Montag Looks Shocked?

A few weeks back, I took a bit of guff for giving Rachel Uchitel a hard time. I would like to say that it’s never my intention to offend. Most people have a filter between their brain and their mouth (or fingers in this case) that prevents them from blurting whatever pops into their head. I do not have that filter. So how about this, I’m about to write about Heidi Montag. If you’re a Heidi Montag fan or object to the idea of me writing negatively about her, perhaps you should skip to the next post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I absolutely loathe Heidi Montag and everything she stands for. The only ‘celebrity’ I dislike more than Heidi is her counterpart Spencer. Are they married again? Were they ever married? I have no idea. I stopped hearing about them long ago and I hoped it would stay that way. These two are just awful. I wouldn’t give them a moment of my time were it not my job to do so but it is, so here I am. Sorry for the rant and sorry for any offense it may have caused.


  • She looks like a scared child.

    What is she worrying about..just when I thought money is everything you need in your life.

    • I think she’s worrying about the fact that her face doesn’t look like her own face anymore. Just a hunch. Could be that she saw w00t.

  • Heidi looks sexily shocked on my PC

  • maybe she saw me :))

  • thx bro