written by Christine

Heidi Montag On A Shopping Spree

Not sure if Heidi Motag is playing catchup with a stylist, or going on a shopping spree, but either way you cut it, she is looking good. Heidi proves that whether she is wearing knee-highed Louboutins or going sans shoes all together that she looks good either way. Heidi seems to favor the mini dress with a little sparkle and some bling, and why shouldn’t she? She’s got the body to match. Whether she is going all sparkly, or donning the Little Black Dress, Heidi is giving some damn good lessons in what damn fine is all about.

Heidi Montag is leggy

Heidi Montag is sexy Heidi Montag 2.jpg Heidi Montag 3.jpg Heidi Montag 4.jpg Heidi Montag 5.jpg Heidi Montag 6.jpg Heidi Montag 7.jpg Heidi Montag 8.jpg Heidi Montag 9.jpg Heidi Montag 10.jpg Heidi Montag 11.jpg Heidi Montag 12.jpg


  • She is wonderful thanks for sharing this HQ!

  • I love this outfit

  • she is so ugly


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