written by Wanda

Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Body … Again.

Heidi Montag bugs me. She bugs me and I dislike her but I love these pictures so now she bugs me even more. I don’t like feeling conflicted and it seems Heidi is intent to make me feel these conflicted feelings about her. I mean, these photos of Heidi on a beach in California are great. She looks good and not quite as plastic and phony as she normally does. She also looks like she’s having a pretty good time. This is a lady that loves attention so it’s not a huge surprise that she looks so at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. I still think all the plastic surgery was unnecessary as she was a good looking girl before she went under the knife but I can’t deny she looks good.


  • I just do not see why others think that she is so pretty. It is not as if she is ugly in any sense but she is not drop dead gorgeous like many think either. She looks like just an average everyday person to me.

  • @Aaron

    If she’s “average everyday person” than me and everyone I know are ugly monsters.