written by Ann

Heidi Montag’s Sexy Shorts

Heidi Montag attended the launch of Anchor Blue. She wore sexy shorts and showed her shapely behind. She is beginning to gain a foothold in the fashion industry. Heidi’s clothing sells better than Lauren Conrad’s fashion. Heidi is not too proud to promote her fashion, Heidiwood, at Kitson and there are buyers who snapped up her affordable pieces. She made so much money that she is able to hunt for a posh property along the west coast of the States. Spencer Pratt has helped her and together, they are able to achieve shared stardom and some common goals.

Heidi Montag

sexy shorts Heidi Montag shopping ass Heidi Montag 4.jpg Anchor Blue Heidi Montag 6.jpg Lauren Conrad’s fashion Heidi Montag 8.jpg


  • Okay now thats impressive =)

  • Heidi’s talentless, but has a nice ass.

  • Nice, gotta love those small shorts!!

  • Nice to finally see some decent pics without that totebag she has, aka Spencer.

  • heidi is so hot!!!