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Heidi Range In Bikini Pictures

Heidi Range, from Sugababe, was on holiday, at a resort in Miami, with her sister Hayley. She stayed in shape by swimming and burning off those calories. Most of her time was spent working on her music so when she had the chance to take off, she would lounge at the pool and work passively on her tan. The Sugababes had completed touring the UK to promote their music and all that hard work deserved a break like this.

Heidi Range

Sugababe Heidi Range 2.jpg Heidi Range 3.jpg Heidi Range 4.jpg Heidi Range 5.jpg Heidi Range 6.jpg Heidi Range 7.jpg Heidi Range 8.jpg Heidi Range 9.jpg Heidi Range 10.jpg Heidi Range in pool Heidi Range 12.jpg bikini Heidi Range 14.jpg

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  • She is really sexy!!!


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