written by Wanda

Helen Flanagan And Her Boobs In Manchester

Helen Flanagan is clearly not a shy girl. In these pictures taken in Manchester, Helen really puts it all on display and who in their right mind is going to complain about that? Certainly not me, that’s for sure. I’m not entirely sure I find Helen’s face all that attractive and I’ve never been a huge fan of that particular hair style but the woman has a killer body so I’ve gotta say I’m a fan. I haven’t seen much of her work but she must be a fairly talented actress as she’s won awards for her performance on “Coronation Street” and I’m pretty sure they don’t give awards just for having a nice rack. There’s also a sort of sweetness about Helen I quite enjoy. I like this girl and look forward to seeing more pictures of her.


  • I think short hair suits her better than when she had longer tresses. It brings out her face.

    Nice to see a bit of a stomach on her in one of the pictures. That’s the reality of the human body.

  • helen flanagan she was in the lsgenot running british soap coronation street,very sexy indeed until she opens her mouth,i think its about time she does the rite thing and get those tits oot for the boys but dont just stop at the tits go the full hog and show the lads minge :*:p

  • her tits are epic always wank over her big knockers

  • Who is looking at her face? All my attention went right to the boobs. They look huge here. And in the one photo her stomach looks huge as well. She is a pretty lady but I can not get my eyes of her boobs.

  • she is always wearing outfits that basically show her boobs fully, im amazed she has not done some form of porn yet